Truck recovery Romania! Do you have a truck with a major fault or that has been involved in an accident? We will transport the faulty truck from South-East Romania to anywhere in Central and East Europe!

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Another fully loaded truck, with a shipment that couldn’t be unloaded, has been put back on its wheels and brought back on the road. When the customer called us, we immediately drove to the place of the accident to help. The biggest problem we faced was that the truck’s load was of great monetary value and also its contents have been sealed at border control.

The final customer confirmed that under no circumstances could we transfer the load from one truck to another.After coming up with a battle plan, we started working. It really isn’t easy to raise into the air a boxtrailer with a thin aluminum wall, without the wall breaking. Whoever tried this before can surely confirm. Mainly when the wall was already broken in a corner and curved from the rolling.

With a lot of patience, experience and adrenaline, specific to any similar job, we managed to put it back on its wheels and slowly return it to the road. In the end we recovered the truck to a secured parking lot and decupled it from its semitrailer. We thank our customer for their trust and we are sure they will recommend us in the future.

Our services include putting a truck back on its wheels, bringing it to the roadside, transferring its load to another trailer, storing safely the load, rentable headtractor with driver, rentable semitrailer, secured parking and many other services in the Oltenia counties area. You know you can count on us!